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Children's Blackbelt Training
Individualized Self-Defense Classes
Women's Kickboxing
Adult Blackbelt Training
Martial Arts & Self Defense Classes
Alexander Family Karate - Since 1991

Adult Classes
Tuesday & Thursday
7:30 - 8:30 PM

Children Classes
Tuesday & Thursday
5:30 - 6:30 PM -
6:30 - 7:30 PM - advanced

Women's Classes are 1 hour
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 PM

I have chosen the warrior's path.
(I will live an exceptional life)
I will live by the golden rule.
(I will treat others the way I want to be treated)
I will treasure life.
(I will cherish my life and all other life)
I will stay in control of my actions.
(My actions come from rational choice rather than emotional reaction)
I will always honor my instructers and my art.
(I will never use my training for negative purposes)
Alexander Family Karate
3010 E. North Street
Suite A (by Wings on the Run)
Greenville, SC 29615

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Greenville, SC Family Martial Arts, Fitness and Self Defense
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Alexander Family Karate of Greenville, SC has offered classes in adult blackbelt instruction, women's fitness kickboxing, children's blackbelt instruction, and individualized self-defense for over 18 years. Alexander Family Karate pledges all students will be trained correctly and safely.
Adult Black Belt
Our personal instruction from friendly Blackbelt coaches makes you feel like part of a family. Our student's personal safety is always our first priority. As you progress through our contemporary curriculum, you learn to defend yourself in all aspects of empty-handed self defense. The side benefits of health, self-confidence, and personal values help our students live happier, more fulfilling lives.
Women's Fitness Kick Boxing
These classes provide a woman's personal training workout using martial arts training methods and motivating music. If you think there is no such thing as a fun workout, come watch a class. Benefits include weight loss, body toning, stress relief, personal empowerment, and self defense ability. Classes are limited to 10 girls per class ages 16 and up.

Children's Black Belt Classes
These classes offer the same benefits and results as the adult classes and are taught with a "child-friendly" approach.
Individualized Self-Defense Classes
These programs are for adults that have a short-term goal in mind. We offer women's self-defense, short term street defense, and specialty classes in various striking and grappling arts - including tournament fighting.
Q: What are the age limits for children's classes?

A: Children's classes begin at age 5 through 13.

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What our students say...

"I am enthusiastically recommending Alexander Family Karate's Womens Fitness Kickboxing! I have been participating in the women's kickboxing class for many years. As a 54 year-old I can truly say that, this class has definitely contributed to my health, fitness, and overall well being. I love the combination of cardio, boxing, stretching and self-defense that makes "exercise" time fly by! The varying routines, music, and comradery have kept it fresh for me - and why I keep going with it-even after 12 years! Come join the fun!"
Nicki Thompson